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[01 Jan 2018|01:23am]

currently taking requests for manip icons only

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION! [01 Jan 2017|01:53am]
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blake ritson ; da vinci's demons [05 Dec 2016|11:07pm]

blake ritson ; 56 )
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holland roden; starfire [01 Jul 2015|11:10pm]

holland roden ; 36 )
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saqib saleem; [18 Jun 2015|10:49pm]

saqib saleem ; 116 )
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emily bett rickards; green hair [18 Jun 2015|07:06pm]

emily bett rickards ; 20 + banner )
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[11 May 2015|04:30pm]
Hello everyone.. I finally graduated remembered my journal and email password and had the time sooo..


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damian lewis; band of brothers [31 May 2010|10:40pm]

We salute the rank not the man. )
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frank john hughes; band of brothers [31 May 2010|09:53pm]

Jesus Christ, we gotta do all this with a C.O. who has his head so far up his fuckin' ass, that lump in his throat is his goddamn nose.  )
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rami malek; the pacific [30 May 2010|11:52pm]

Don't worry, we got a nickname for you too, Bill Leyden. We call you Ball-Peen Hammer. Like a little hammer, for a little man. )
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rick gomez; band of brothers [30 May 2010|09:23pm]

Remember boys, flies spread disease - so keep yours closed! )
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jason dolley; [30 May 2010|09:06pm]
[ music | deadliest catch on tv ]

It's all the same, only the names will change. Everyday it seems we're wasting away. )
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david schwimmer; band of brothers [15 May 2010|08:38pm]

Who said that? Who broke silence? )
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Jim Parsons; Big Bang Theory [06 May 2010|11:22pm]

I wanted a griffin... I was studying recombinant DNA technology and I was confident I could create one, but my parents were unwilling to secure the necessary eagle eggs and lion semen. Of course my sister got swimming lessons when she wanted them.. )
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jacob pitts; the pacific [03 May 2010|10:34pm]

blah blah something so incredibly witty here that you lol )
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Rob Benedict; [25 Sep 2009|04:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | louden swain --- all i need ]

Talking along with the frosty haired girl at the bar - says she’s from Mexico and I respond wow that’s, far.. )

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Tyson Ritter; [21 Sep 2009|03:39pm]
[ mood | seriously friggin' bored ]
[ music | star wars force unleashed OST; juno/finale ]

Stillwater was actually perfect for us.It pretty much screams unexcitement. The only thing you can do here is drink beer, have sex or write music. )

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Jim Parsons; [09 Aug 2009|01:32am]
[ music | robin hood men in tights ]

Prince John and the sheriff -- they was runnin' the show raisin' the taxes cause they needed the dough. A reign of terror took over the land; they were shakin down the people just to beat the band - I said, Hey! )

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Sharks!!! [02 Aug 2009|11:47pm]
[ music | ghostbusters II on tv ]

The chance of being killed by a shark is one in 300 million. The chance of being killed by airplane parts falling from the sky is one in 10 million. )

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Sean Connery; [07 Jul 2009|03:38am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | nancy sinatra --- you only live twice ]

You only live twice - or so it seems.. )

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